Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So today I had lunch duty.  And there was no playground duty anyway.  Much too cold!  Tonight it's crisp and clear and very, very cold.  Maybe it will kill all of the ants that live in the ground so that they don't find our house when spring comes around.  (smile)

I had to nap when I got home.  Honestly, having days off really makes one crazy.  I am not used to getting up early and standing all day long.  Think it might be an age thing.  LOL

I only put a few sections together of the kit I received.  I also worked on the boots for the doll.  They are going to be so nice.  I just need to find my grommet tool.  Hmmm....when did I have it last???

Here is a great site.  If you've never been on here, try it.  There is a lot of eye candy here.  It's a site for making things and looking at great miniatures.


Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then....


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