Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Counter top trim and more eye candy

It rained today and was quite warm.  But it didn't snow.  Tomorrow we're supposed to get more rain in the afternoon -- thunderstorms!  Isn't this weather crazy?  But we're luckier than the people over in Australia.  Their ocean foam surge was so terribly destructive.  They won't come back from it soon, either.

On a positive note, the little seaside town about 12 miles away will be open for the weekend.  Not everything is open, of course.  But the aquarium is open and there are some shops.  This is at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.  The boardwalk will be rebuilt, too.

Today I did a lot of therapy so I'm very exhausted tonight.  I also made a special soup that is so tasty and good but no salt or fat (used olive oil).  Delicious.  Easy.  Filling.

I put the trim on the small counter.  I did have to use tape on it so it would lay down evenly.  That's why it looks so odd.  LOL   The wood pieces are old and have a tendency to warp slightly.

Haven't decided what to paint it yet.  I'm tired of white.  Maybe I'll wait until I know what I'll do with it and then I'll paint it accordingly.  Sound like a plan?

Now for the eye candy.  Several nights ago I put the winners of the house challenge from HBS.miniatures.com.  They just put winners up in the category of first-time entrants.  They are so great.  I think I'll do one each night.  It's so refreshing to see new ideas.

Enjoy.  See you tomorrow.

Until then...


So here is the first one.  It's larger on the website!


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  1. First we had fires here to contend with now our poor northern cousins are under water again! xx