Sunday, January 20, 2013

The castle

Today was so windy but quite warm so it was nice.  We went out so I could get used to parking lots and stores.  CVS, Kohl's, Barnes & Noble, WalMart and the house of our granddaughters, who didn't quite believe that Grandma was really okay.  While I was at their house, I climbed their stairs.  So it was a full and exhausting day.  Once home and rested, I did use my therapy clay for my hand.

Then I tried to remove the large counter from the gluing jig but it was attached!  ARGH!!  It came loose so I had to reglue it. 

So I cut the foam that will be the rise on which the castle will sit.  Tough to cut.  Of course, maybe it was me with limited strength.  LOL  I will put it on a thin white sheet of foam.  Then I tried to place the castle on it but I forgot where everything went and I can't find my little 3x5 piece of paper.  I have to back to the website to fix it up.

That made it a little bit of a nothing done day, although hubby feels at least the cutting is done. 

A new week begins tomorrow and I'm going to concentrate on several things.  What?  You may ask, but only The Shadow Knows.  (And most of you are too young to know that reference and it is one of the great pieces of trivia I get from being married to an older man!)

Until then....


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