Friday, January 25, 2013

Eye candy here

It snowed today.  I took a nap.  We went out for dinner.  Stopped at Michael's for more mat board. Then went to AC Moore with 50% coupon and bought more E-6000 glue.  I think they should let me do their advertising.

So I only cut a few pieces of mat board today but I found something that was so cool I just had to share it.

Blank building is a great online store where I buy a lot of things.  Every year, they offer a blank building people can buy at a great price.  Then you can enter their contest and you have about 12 months to finish the building. You can make it anything you want.  The finalists get great prizes and lots of publicity.  So I'm going to put the blank building on here and then the finishing products.  The completed projects will knock your socks off.

Are you impressed?  Kerry Ann took the blank building and made the boat.  Awesome!
First place winner

This is the 2nd prize winner from Brandaen Jones.  Show here is outside his building.

And here is the inside of his house. 

There is a large white space here and I don't know why.

And to think these all started from the basic building shown above!  Impressive!

I'll show more of  my stuff tomorrow.

Until then....



  1. Each year I am watching Greenleaf dollhouses and HBS. It's wonderful what imagination people have for the blank slate isn't it?

  2. Wow, those are awesome. I'm sure yours will be, too. Glad to hear you're doing so well!!!!