Monday, January 21, 2013


It snowed a few flakes tonight just enough to cover the ground.  And then stopped.  Okay with me.

Walked in the mall for therapy today.  Was bad and shared a Cinnabon with hubby.  Yummy!

Worked on the grounds for the castle.  Tough to carve.  I made enough indentations to be steps and I will fill them in.  I have two layers and it may be 3.  We'll see.

I am going to try the paint tomorrow.  And they say it can be sanded.  Hmmm....

So here are the steps.  They said a hot knife is best.  But at $30 plus shipping it is much too costly to buy for just a one-time thing.  $15 -- maybe.  So a regular knife is best.  And I'll sand.

Until then...


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  1. Hey Pat, do you have an old electric meat carving knife? One of those ones where the blade slides back and forth slightly? That may do the trick?
    The movement of the blade might cause just enough friction to melt the cut a little too which should give you a smoother finish.... Just a thought. Then again, you wouldn't be able to use that blade on food again afterwards so would be just as expensive as buying the right tool I guess.
    Hugs, Mins xx