Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The castle is in place and a peek

Oh my goodness.  Bitter out there today.  Went over to the library to walk around their stacks and use their stairs.  Nice!  but cold!  Snow-covered grounds were pretty but I'm not a snow baby.  My hand is still annoying me and my leg is not as strong as I would like.

So this morning I finally put some of the castle together.  I decided to have a rough ground so I used Spackle.  Worked well.  I used some of it for the walls coming up to the castle, too.  I will be painting more of the yard and making the buildings less "clean."

I took some pix of the shelves with the buildings on them.  It needs a lot of work but it's part of my vision.  It is taking shape now.  I am loving it already.  Hubby likes it, too.  That's important!

So forgive the short blog tonight.  I'll put the pix up to keep you up to date. 

More tomorrow.

Until then....


These are the castle pix. It will look like the photo on right.

 The Magic House is to the left.  Mansion and Library above.

Top street and 3rd level
Third level and Second level


  1. Oh wow that's coming along great! I love the castle!