Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rowena gets a fence

Not bad out today.  Good thing.  I have outside recess duty all week.  I must say I'm exhausted when I get home.

Slept well after the wonderful dinner last night.  I had two glasses of wine and with being tired, it hit me hard.  As I said, I slept well.

Hubby is at a meeting.  I decided that after I rested and had dinner, I would tackle the "wrought-iron fencing" for Rowena's house.

It comes in 9-inch pieces and there's 2 in a package.  I've been looking at people's houses who have these fences and theirs isn't always straight.  So when I began to put in the pieces, I didn't cringe because they were not perfectly straight.

It doesn't really matter too much because the base will be covered with green grass.  I may put tiny shrubs in the front of the fence.  I haven't decided yet.

Because the "lawn" is in three separate sections, I also didn't worry if a fence piece went over onto another section.  However, I didn't glue it down all the way over.  This way, when I move one piece, there may look like there's no fence, but the one on the other side hangs over.  When it's together again, it looks like one big piece.

There was a little annoyance on my part, too.  I realized that each piece needs to be put down separately.  And then, do you know the next part?  Yep, each section has to dry.

So I did 5 sections across the front.  I will probably do the others tomorrow night.  I do think it is coming along nicely.  What do you think?

Now it's time to read a little and it's almost bedtime.  Talk again tomorrow.

Until then....


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