Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cardboard down and ready

Cold again here but the sun was out.  Hubby pushed the snow out of the way today since it was so light and fluffy.  Then he brushed snow off the cars.  And then he pushed the snow from the path of our neighbor's house and brushed the snow off her car.  

I was determined to get the cardboard down today.  It wasn't difficult to do but I don't have the control of the right hand so it was tricky.  The full piece of mat board plus the partial one from yesterday was perfect.  And I was able to find green so two are white and one is green.  I know the green is good because it won't be so difficult to cover with greenery.  White?  Well, it will be a little more difficult.

I looked for background posters last night at both Michael's and AC Moore.  Nothing.  I was really disappointed that the one we found that I liked was $33.  Hah!  Not in my lifetime.  I'll keep looking. 

Perhaps I can just sit down and whip one up with paints?  ROFL  I cannot paint landscapes so that won't work.  I'll keep looking.

I didn't feel like messing with any of the buildings today because I was expecting a visitor after lunch.  I don't usually let my supplies and tools out when company comes.  And since I make a mess while creating, I decided not to do anything.

I hope to do each building separately until done.  Of course I always have to stop and let things dry.

Speaking of drying, remember that I put up the fence in front of Rowena's home?  It got knocked down.  Glue just wasn't holding.  I don't think I put enough glue on them.  I was wondering if E-6000 glue eats plastic?  It certainly eats foam.  I tried it on a little piece of foam.  Ate it right through.  Ha!  I can't afford it eating my fencing...

So my visitor wore me out today.  I'm ready to call it a day.  Here's two pictures showing the base for each "street."  The top looks warped but it isn't.  Was just the way I was holding the camera.

Until tomorrow....



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  1. They are looking great!, Yeah e6000 is just a really strong gel version of superglue so anything like that will eat foam. But its fine for plastics, just a lot of dry time.

    I am in NY so I feel your "cold" lol going up to 50 degrees in 2 days *lol* from 5 to 50.