Monday, January 28, 2013

Grass started

Snow today in the form of snain (snow/rain) and then it changed to rain.  But it's in the 30s so it isn't bad at all.

I was home all day until dinner tonight at a local pizza parlor.  And a visit to the Christmas Tree Shop, where I found nothing of interest.

Continued my strengthening exercises   and the ones for my fine motor skills.  Then after all of this, I was exhausted and took a two-hour nap.

Grassy lawns for houses
I worked on the grass for the village.  I thought I had lots of grass.  Well, did I learn fast that I didn't have enough.  I still need quite a bit.  I do think that the Magic Shop and Dragon House will be on something like asphalt or cement.  So I only need a few more pieces. 

As you can see, it looks great under the houses.  It will be perfect for the lawns. 

I have to complete the one street.  And then decide how I want to make the asphalt or cement. 

Lawn under flower shop.  More needed on left.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Until then....


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