Thursday, February 21, 2013


We have no heat.  It is very cold out and our furnace died.  Good grief.  Our heating guy is coming out but we don't know how successful he will be.  Have hot water on the stove and that keeps the temp up pretty much.  And if no heat?  Electric blanket tonight!!!! 

So today was difficult.  I worked on sewing part of the dress I'm making.  I set up the lining piece.  Tomorrow I hope to work on the flounces.


I only did a few things tonight.  In the old old set of furniture I bought that included general store items, I worked on the post office front piece.  I finally got all 4 pieces aligned and glued.

On the mail slots, I had trouble with some of the pieces breaking off.  I tried to fix them and think what I did will work.  They may be smaller slots but it's no problem.  However, I have to glue each individually because they move around.  lol

So I have pictures.  Since the directions aren't real clear, I'm making my way cautiously through them.  There are a lot of pieces to this p.o. front piece. 

Perhaps I'll make a general store and put these pieces in it.  Or a group of stores since I have the bakery counters.  In my next life.

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Talk to you tomorrow...hopefully warmer!

Until then...



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