Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Start of faerie furniture


Hi.  Cold today but no rain.  May have snow accumulating tomorrow night.  Spring, oh spring, where are you?

Went out driving today and it was like I've never been away from the car.  I drove around the area with no traffic and then drove home in traffic.  Wonderful!

And for those of you who have been following my therapy progress, I found out last night that I can write and print again.  I don't know when it came back.  It wasn't back Sunday evening.  The pins and needles finally went away in those 2 little fingers.  Guess that was it.  So I continue to practice and strengthen my hand.  I can hold things a little longer, too, with this hand.  Yay!  I'm coming back.  Still can't handsew but I'm sure that will come back.

Today I drafted the bodice of the dress I am making for one of my dolls.  I have to make it in muslin first to check the fitting.  I have the fabric and don't want to do any test fits with the good stuff.  It will be an Easter dress.

I have to curtail my spending on miniatures and doll things.  On March 10, there's a doll show in northern NJ.  I love that show.  And you need to take a bit of money with you because there are wonderful things for sale.  I purchased a whole bunch of dollhouse flower pots for $2 last time.  And a vendor wanted to get rid of his potted flowers.  I bought all 6 for $4.  Bargains I love. 

So I took out my faerie building stuff and stared at it.  One of the hardest things for me is to build something that is rough.  I know it's quaint and cute with twigs and what-nots.  I have to gear myself up for it.  I think I started out well.  Lots of drying time needed for twigs.  I have the bed part glued and two posters up.  Tomorrow I'll do more after therapy.

I found lots of things to use for the furniture.  Flowers and beads and greenery.  And there are some fabrics I think will go great with the beds.  And I have to do chairs and tables, too. Fun times ahead.

Last night I posted a link for you but didn't connect the link so you could just click on it.  A reader suggested that I do that so here it is:


Until then...


I think it looks like a reindeer!

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