Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tree bark found

Cold and blustery today.  No snow, though.  Yay!  Went to a birthday party for a married couple who both are 50.  Nice restaurant and excellent food.  Yum.

I have been really giving some though what to use for the bark of the tree for the fairie village.  While surfing pinterest, I saw these pictures from  I thought they looked interesting.  But where was I to get this paper?  So I repinned the photos to my board and waited...

...and then I was looking for something today and found just that paper.  I don't remember ever seeing it.  Could the faeries have left it for me?  Whatever, it's there.  I hope it's enough for the tree. The photos are good but I wondered if the white is just paint.

I'm going to try and paste it in this blog.  The photos are vertical so I hope they show up.

What do you think?

Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then....


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