Monday, February 11, 2013

Furniture planning for village

Rainy all day but it washed away almost all of the snow.  Hurray! 

Didn't get to try driving today because it was raining too hard.

I was out almost all day so nothing got done on my village.  Went to a friend's house for lunch and stayed to see her train set.  We've seen it before but it was amazing because her father created everything.  There is a helicopter that actually works and is a news chopper.  Her father recorded an actual tv chopper traffic report and it plays.  Really cool stuff.

Worked out hard today.  Then used the heating pad after taking some ibuprofen.  lol

Tomorrow I plan to make furniture for the village houses.  Most of them will be regular beds but in doing a search of faerie furniture, I came across some great pieces.  I wouldn't make the exact thing but it gave me ideas.  Here are the pieces of wood I'll use -- just need some twigs, which I have, and floral pieces, which I also have. 

I also saw many faerie doors for the treehouse condos.  I will try to paint these tomorrow, too.  I have a lot of the door shapes so I'll have lots of door.

I'll show you some faerie furniture and doors that I've seen on Pinterest.  Their artists are so creative. Which ones are your favorites?

See you tomorrow.

Until then....



  1. ces éléments sont superbes et très prometteurs pour la suite du projet.

  2. Hi Pat, can't waith to see your faerie furniture! I love the doors but the chair with the bird is my favorite piece. Although the doors... you know i like it all ;o