Friday, February 15, 2013

More than just minis

What a beautiful day.  It got up to 52.  Went to the gym and came home to sew.  We did go out for our Valentine's Day dinner.  We got engaged on Valentine's Day 40 years ago.  Lovely just thinking how romantic it was.  Hubby told me we were getting married on Friday night.  Why?  He already took the next day off!  I said yes, of course.  Best "yes" I ever said. 

Front view
Back view
I finished the blouse pattern that I made.  Here it is still on the doll. Only one sleeve because there's no need to make 2. Collar will be down in front.  Inside out to enable me to use pins to indicate where the seams will be sewn.

I have to work on the skirt tomorrow.  I hope to have its pattern finished then.

Then the next outfit gets started.  I am still undecided how the design will work.  I have sketched it out but I'm not satisfied.

I also have to make a birthday card for a friend.  Why is it that when you aren't looking for something, there are dozens of them?  When you look for that thing, you can't find it anywhere.  Plan A was to do something with cats because she loves cats.  Nothing.  On to Plan B.  I found the cutest stick-on that says Queen Bee.  I think a crown on the front will work.  I looked all over for a bee.  Nothing but stuff for babies.  Thought I could draw one.  Ha!  Ever try to draw a bee?  My attempt looked like a kidney bean.

Getting our granddaughters tomorrow afternoon.  I think we'll work with Kate's birthday present: the design an outfit kit we bought her.  I have enough dolls for her to practice on.  Who knows what Sydney will work on? They will probably want to work on the furniture for their still-in-the-making stores.  I was supposed to design and cut out furniture for these projects.  But then I had my stroke and that stopped many things.  So maybe I'll have her sew a skirt for her AG doll.

I was able to bring in some branches today so I do hope to get some fairy furniture made tomorrow morning.  I keep thinking I'll be more constructive and then I get stopped by exhaustion.  But I am getting stronger every day.  Yay!  I'm over this already.  LOL

If you get a chance, check out this blog.  It's worth taking a look:
Her handmade things are really awesome. If you can find one of her YouTube videos, watch her as she makes these teeny tiny teapots.  She makes it look so simple.  She's truly an artist.

Bought the latest Miniature Collector magazine.  There's an article about coloring stones for stone cottages.  Sounds like a great article.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then...

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