Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Faerie Bed and Condo Doors

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAZZI. of Jazzi's Minis. 
She has the most wonderful site so visit if you can.

For some reason, last night didn't publish.  Good grief.  Google!!!!!!

Rain tonight.  Then it will mix with snow.  And it will be gone tomorrow which is wonderful.  Hubby has to go in for a test tomorrow and is drinking a gallon of that yucky stuff.  He can't have anything but liquids today; good thing because that stuff will kill any hunger pains you might have.

On the sewing front, I made the blouse pattern for my doll dress.  It's cut from muslin and I sewed it up to check the fit.  It fit perfectly so I'll undo the basting stitches tomorrow, iron the pieces and use them for the final pattern.  I'll work on the skirt ruffles tomorrow. 

Then I finished the first part of the fairy bed.  It took 4 odd pieces of a branch.  I was going to get some more today but it was so wet outside and now it's raining.  Since this bed is done building-wise, I'll make a mattress.  I'll concentrate on decorating it faerie-style.  I have to hunt for some material that will flow.  I have flowers.  And "jewels."  Faeries love jewels.

While waiting for the glue to set up and dry, I took out some of the doors for the tree "faerieminium" (not a condominium).  I just painted them and let them dry thoroughly.  Tomorrow I hope to decorate them with little bits of things but it will have to be tomorrow evening or after we get home after the test is done. 

I haven't decided about the bark of the tree yet but the doors have to fit on it.  We'll see.  As usual, something this small requires trial and error.

And, if anyone knows of a tried-and-true way of doing tree bark, let me know. 

Until then....


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