Monday, February 4, 2013

Quarter scale tables

Today was cold again.  Snowed last night.  May get some tonight, too.  Only an inch here, an inch there.  Just nothing too deep, please! 

I had a tough day today. Worked out at the gym.  Really feeling weak although my afternoon blood pressure was more normal.  Spilled the can of bread crumbs all over the floor.  Thank goodness it's winter and not summer.  Ants would be coming to visit.  Do you ever get every crumb?

I made dinner anyway but let hubby carry all dishes to the table.  Then he did dishes.  Good thing.  I might have ruined them all!

So instead of doing the pain-in-the-neck post office, I decided to begin one of my kits.  It's 3 different sized tables.  I showed them some time ago and now feel I'm ready to make them.  I want to paint them when they are finished, not stain them.  This was the easy part.  I'll put on the legs tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck.

I probably will get a quarter-scale house from and put these items in it.  If you have never been on this site, do yourself a favor and visit it.  Worth the look. 

Tomorrow I am going to try my hand at making a few outfits for my new 4" doll.  We shall see how it works!  If it's pretty easy, I'll try to make some dresses for Rowena.

Until then....


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