Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eye candy only

No one knows what it's going to do tomorrow -- weather-wise.  Snow?  Maybe.  Rain?  Maybe?  Both?  Maybe.  We have to wait!

Today I had a lunch guest. Then I did some sewing. This afternoon I had to nap.  lol  So nothing was done.  I just can't move tonight!  So I'll tell you my ideas for tomorrow and then do some more eye candy.

I thought that while my poor brain is still healing, I would concentrate on making curtains for each house.  I think I can do this part.  Stay with me.

Here is some more eye candy.  Enjoy it.  Maybe something will grab you.  And perhaps you can figure out how Australian artist Hila Rosenberg Ventilators did her work.

Enjoy.  My work tonorrow.

Until then....


I love how everything is tilted.  Look at the yellow cabinet.

Take a look at the foot on the tub!  Who would have thought of that? 

The file cabinet is too great.  Question still remains.  How did she do this?


  1. Wow, i like the tilted furniture... but No idea how she did it! When you find out please let us know. It looks like a fun and changeling project gr. AM

  2. Wonderful pieces ;)

    ..and its snow hon..lots..and lots..of snow ;( LOTS