Thursday, February 14, 2013

Start of fairy doors and my surprise

Cold out today again but the snow melted on the sidewalks and roads.  How cool is that? 

Hubby's test was super fine and he's okay now for several more years.  However, I came home and was really sick all afternoon.  I even took a nap and I never take a nap unless I'm sick.

Hope everyone had a super Valentine's Day.  Hubby bought me a beautiful heart locket with a small heart on the front and Love written.  We're supposed to go to dinner tomorrow night.

So it's back to the gym for me tomorrow.  There is no doubt that wonderful leg machine helped me gain strength in my knees.  I'm driving now.  My hope is to try for a job March 7 and/or 8.

When I felt better, I did a few doors.  I will be doing some funky ones but I can't help liking pretty.  I think once they go on the trunk of the tree they will be fine.

Now, for my surprise.  Jazzi of Jazzi Minis sent me one of her special couch sets.  Is it not the most terrific thing you've ever seen?  It is going to be for my beach house!  Which isn't built yet but the ideas are flowing.  Then she sent me micro-mini shells for the house.  And two mini seashells for a possible serviette (her idea! isn't she remarkable?).  The darling little Australian pillows are cute as can be.  They are for sale on her site if you want some.

Here are the pix. Enjoy. Talk to you tomorrow.

Australiana pillow!

Until then...



  1. Glad it arrived to you all safe! Enjoy my friend!

  2. Australian pillows seem to unite all of us!!! :) How kind of Jazzi...she is a very special friend! The couch looks wonderful ! Love the doors,too! Best wishes for all your efforts in getting better! Anne

  3. what a lovely surprise, glad to see you are getting better all the time, driving now you ahve come on in leaps and bounds, hope you are able to go out for your meal, take care x