Friday, February 1, 2013

Heat! Shelves and Eye Candy

My, today was windy and bitter cold.  And thank heaven for heat!  And electric!  It took quite a while for the house to get warm.  Whew!

I went to the gym today.  Felt good to do some things.  I work my arms and legs.  And then I do my hand exercises.  Gonna beat this thing.

So, what did I accomplish today?  I worked on the three shelving units and finished about 50% of them.  Tomorrow I'll put the shelves in and put the top piece on.  It went up quite easy.  Of course, if I had a few more hands, it would've been easier.  Ha!

I promised you more eye candy.  Here's another way to use that little building.  Amazing what they can do.

Talk to you tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures. 

Until then....


1 comment:

  1. Those shelves are looking great and glad to read you got the heat on and warming the place up! Stay warm.