Friday, February 8, 2013

Rained all day.  Now it's snowing. But poor New England is really getting hit hard.

Went with friends to a little place and had personal pizzas.  Yum.  With a Barq's Root Beer.  Doesn't get better than that.

Added another machine to my exercise routine at the gym.  It is a leg thing.  You put both feet flat on this metal plate and stretch your legs, all the while the weights lift.  It is just the thing to help strengthen my legs and hips. 

And today I got sidetracked.  Since my stroke, I just allow myself to go with the flow.  If I don't want to do something, I  just move on to something else.  So I chose the fabrics for the village building curtains and then moved on.  LOL

Dresses ready for sewing and trim
I sew for dolls, too, and recently got a 4" doll named Amelia Thimble.  Here are her dresses and I will be sewing them up tomorrow.  I did one already by hand.  I will embellish them, too.  Amelia won't show any of the outfits on herself until her wig is back on and she is wearing shoes.  I don't blame her.  I prefer my hair on, too.

I am also working on the sewing project I told you about and bought fabric today.  Have to find my photo of me as a little girl in the most beautiful Easter dress.  I tried hard to find similar fabric and only could find something very bright.  I might have to tea dye it to tone it down.  It will be sewn for my Delilah Noir doll. 

Bought the fabric for the other doll outfit, too, but have time to make that one.

I did get a few comments on the crooked furniture in the eye candy photos.  If I were to hazard a guess, I would think the things like the fridge and other things are made from clay.  Any which way they are made, it's an art.

And speaking of crooked, I found this staircase online and just had to show it to you.  It is a real life staircase but imagine putting something like this in a dollhouse.  It is from the Bruce Palmer Design Studio.

Talk to you tomorrow. 

Until then....



  1. Pat, the new exercises should help your legs, you are really doing very well and I am so pleased for you, keep it up. x

  2. Hi Pat, I found that same Bruce Palmer staircase yesterday on Pinterest it's so Grand. And good for you you are going with the FLOW! Hope the weather in New England clears up soon and brings a bit of sunshine yourway. gr. AM

  3. Hi Pat, It's been quite a lengthy item on the news here, your snow storm. It's not fair after Sandy and all the destruction it caused! They keep threatening us with more snow as well, but they aren't sure where it will hit and the weather forecast changes almost every hour!

    Great to hear that the exercises are helping. It's also good for you to do what you feel like doing. It will make you happier and happier people heal faster!

    Love your dolls dresses and I totally agree you can't show her without her hair or shoes, a girl has standards!