Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Brrr...cold and blustery again.  Our heat went out three times today and hubby had to relight the pilot light.  I really need for spring to come.

Today was a down day so I went through some mini things to straighten them out.  I don't know how little things get out of order so fast.  I swear they move around at night.

I was out again all day.  We tried to find someone to fix the car cheaper than the original estimate.  Think we have to ask hubby's son to help.  Sigh.

Worked out a long time at the gym today.  But then had some errands to run.  We didn't get home until 4 again.  Honestly, once the afternoon comes, I just cannot do much.  A few more weeks of strengthening should help.

So I did some blog reading to see what others are doing.  Do you read blogs, too?  Some are just wonderful.

For example, Casey's Minis at is really interesting.  It is the story of her mini projects with two main characters, Tessie and Zar.  Sometimes it is very humorous.

New England Miniatures at is another great site.

Christel Jensen is amazing.  Take a look at her mini clay items.  She actually makes teeny tiny teapots.  I would love to make some of her things.  Her work can be seen at

And then there are the great houses at which is a great blog showing all types of things mini.

So take a look at these and let me know what you think.  Some of these blogs may take a reading of past blogs but they are all interesting.

I'm planning on being home all day tomorrow.  Perhaps I can actually get something done.

Until then....


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  1. They are wonderful blogs! Greetings from Athens, Anne