Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Start of fireplace and eye candy

Supposed to get snow this weekend.  Starting on Friday night.  Not the little stuff we have been getting.  But the big stuff.  I don't care.  But I do have to get to Joanne's Fabrics as I have some projects to do. 

Today was gym day and I added the step machine.  I don't what the formal name is.  I did it for 5 min. in addition to my other circuit activities.  Last 1 minute?  I thought I would need new legs.  I'm sure it will get easier.  Worked my hand this afternoon.  Penmanship still horrible. 

I decided to do another little kit.  The quarter-scale fireplace.  I put the two front pieces on and then the backing.  I'll paint the inside tomorrow.  Didn't feel like it doing it tonight.  Then tomorrow is the mantel and the hearth.  It calls for doing the brick facade, too.

I understand the some of you could not link onto the site I thought was great.  So I'll download some of them here.  The artist is Australian artist Hila Rosenberg Ventilators. I know it's a strange name but it's taken from the site of a Russian artist who found these pix and showed them on her blog.  And now I'm showing you on my blog.  Make them larger and check the detail.  Wow!  More tomorrow night.


Until tomorrow....


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  1. WOW! Those pictures are amazing. Very creative and talented.

    Love the little fireplace!