Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tree glued and ready to paint

Cold today but at least we have heat.  However, our heating man is down sick so we won't get our furnace fixed until probably Tuesday.  Fingers crossed it doesn't go out again!

Watching the red carpet events.  I love the glitz and glamour.  Since I enjoy designing clothes for dolls, creating patterns, choosing fabrics and trims and dressing dolls, this part of the Oscars is my favorite.  I keep a blank pad next to me so I can make notes.

I did the first part of the trees.  Didn't realize how long it would take me to do four sections.  The first part was to measure the sizes of the tree trunks.  Since I try to be a perfectionist, the notations had to be just so.  I must say that I measured a few times.  Then I cut and tried the pieces on for size.  Perfect fit.

Then I had to measure where the holes were for the tree branches.  That was interesting. I lost a few pencil points in the covering.  I put my pencil within the tube and tried to mark the covering.  It worked sometime.  And not other times.  But finally the marks were made.  I then took my pencil point and made holes in the covering.

Gluing was messy.  I hate glue anyway. Mostly because I hate to get my hands dirty. But I persevered and the job was finally done.  And I had the fun of making sure that the holes in the tube matched the holes I made in the covering before I glued it on. 

I was going to start painting the trunk.  I decided to wait because the paper was quite damp from the glue.  Tomorrow it will get its first coat of paint.

Talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then....


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