Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tables done and eye candy special

Cold again today.  I was quite shaky today after my hand/arm exercises so I took it easy in the afternoon.

I tried to work on tiny clothes.  I did well handstitching but didn't like the overall product.  So I trashed it.  Will try again tomorrow.  Did dig one of my sewing machines out.  Hubby needs his jeans rehemmed.  Now that I can do.

Put the legs on the three tables tonight.  Why is it that all is well when it's started but then, the shakiness starts.  Anyway, I began with the biggest of the three tables.  The legs went on pretty well.  I hope they aren't crooked.  If they are, I'll try to take them off and try again. Or I could just pretend they were antiques and their legs got hurt when furniture was moved!

Start of large table
All 4 legs done
The largest table wasn't too bad.  I put glue on table support via toothpick.  It's good to let it set up for a minute or so.  I was able to do these with my fingers.

The middle table was not too bad, either.  The tiniest one, however, was a bummer.  Those legs are smaller than 1/2 a toothpick. 

All are together now.  And here's a picture.  I think the legs are all straight on all 3 tables.  I don't know where I'll store them until they are needed.  Have to find a tiny box and maybe use cotton if something else doesn't occur to me.

While surfing today, I was told of this wonderful site.  This is, as described in a post I read, a dollhouse on drugs.  It's cute, imaginative and amazing.  Take time to look at each picture, noting some of the fun stuff.  Toothpaste running out.  Look at the tub feet.  Oh and there's so much more.

http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/natishanatisha/ post196590354/

Tomorrow is a trip to the gym.  Then I will do hubby's jeans.  Then we'll see what else comes up! Forgive the photo settings -- Google likes to have its own way.

Until then....



  1. The tables look great. If you were shaking you should wouldn't know it from looking at those tiny legs and perfect tables.

    I wasn't able to get your link to work, but perhaps it was just my computer.


  2. Very nice. I struggle with those tiny little pieces, too. I couldn't make the link work either.