Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sewing tasks today

Lots of rain today.  But better than snow.  Lots of robins out, almost a convention.  Eating who knows what?  I can't believe we have that many worms in our yard.  They were here even before the rains came.  Nice to see them, though.

I didn't have the energy to do any major minis today.  However, I did have some sewing to finish.

Clothes for different dolls
See, I like to make clothes and then I put them aside to finish them with trim, snaps, buttons, etc.  The problem?  They pile up quickly.  I really dislike fiinishing them.  Snaps are probably the worst to sew on since they need to be so small for doll clothes.

So I started with putting elastic in four pairs of pants for 18" dolls (such as Carpatina or American Girl).  The waist openings now need to be closed up.  Then there were two outfits that needed teeny tiny snaps. I have quite a pile of clothes awaiting my attention.  The next few days will be fixing these -- a few at a time -- because I get bored with finishing so quickly.

I also had a terrible headache all day.  Ever have one so bad that it hurts to walk?  I did take a nap today.  No gym today while feeling so bad.  Maybe tomorrow.

Until then...



  1. I hope you feel better the doll clothes like really nice so far :)

  2. ce sont de très jolis vêtements . Vivement le printemps avec beaucoup de soleil, nous en avons un grand besoin.
    Portez-vous mieux. rosethé-Minima