Saturday, February 16, 2013

Different kind of mini day

Snow flakes off and on all day.  Cold here.  Windy, too.  Lots of storms coming this week.  We aren't expecting any accumulation so that's great.

Today we had a special day.  Our granddaughters were over and it was a day of minis.  I was surprised that they had such determination and dedication to their activities.

Because the youngest one, Kate, who just turned 9, is making a boutique, she wanted clothes for it.  So I suggested cutting out felt shapes, decorating them and hanging them up.  No one will see they aren't full dresses, etc.  She did it.  Short dresses and floor-length, too, in several colors.  Next time she wants to do the pants and tops.  I took a photograph of them.  She really is learning how to make a pattern, pin it on the felt and cut it out.  Only stuck herself a few times.


The older child, Sydney, who is 10, decided to make cupcakes for her bakery.  She used the mold I bought from True2Scale.  It has the cupcake mold on one side and the icing mold on the other.  She worked to make 4 dozen cupcakes.  Devil's food and yellow cakes with different icings.  I took a photo of these, too.  She put them together with glue.  I hope to make cupcake liners next time they come over.

We didn't get to do any sewing.  Dinner was loved and they are at the age where they simply inhale their food.  Poof!  Gone.  We took them out for ice cream before we took them home.  Their parents went out with friends.  We were home by 10:30.  Nice day.

So if you haven't ever looked at the website, please do so.  She has wonderful items for sale.  Most things you cannot find elsewhere. 

Talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then....


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