Tuesday, October 9, 2012

7 counters finished

Aren't they cute? 

I didn't work at the school today but did hear that I'm going on a field trip with the 7th graders in place of one of the teachers.  Where?  Ellis Island and the Museum there.  I am so psyched because I do family genealogy and have 4 families in progress.  My whole family came from Hungary and came to America through Ellis Island.  I can't wait!

 This morning I spent a lot of time on the Halloween capes.  I had to make and cut patterns before I cut out some of the capes.  The dolls are standing on the dining room table and modeling their capes, although they have no hoods on the capes at this time.  Tomorrow, if I don't work, I'll hopefully finish the hoods.  I worked until the early afternoon.  This afternoon was counter finishing for the stores and the library.

After dinner, I started the counters.  I did them in assembly line style so I didn't put glue on spots that should not have had glue.  I found that it was a great way to work.

Balsa wood support for shelf
I was not happy with the shelf in the counter I did yesterday as it was quite bendable and wouldn't sit straight.  I want to be able to use the shelves.  So I took a small piece of balsa wood and glued it to the bottom of the shelf.  Much better.

Also, on these 6 counters, I did them differently than yesterday.  I only used one support piece in the front instead of all the way around the front.  I like the look better. 

I want to make some of these for the library and won't use the pattern that has the "glass" inset for them.  The plastic I used was from a used but still good plastic sheet cover, the kind you use in three-ring binders.  It is matte which I like rather than the shiny plastic. 

It took me several hours to do these because I did them slowly.  The most difficult part is cutting out for the glass insets.  While everything has a good marking, my cutting wasn't always the straightest.  I used a cutter with a blade for most of the long cuts and that worked wonderfully but those little cutout areas drove me crazy.

So...that was my day. 

Until then...


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  1. Doing multiples assembly-line fashion seems to be a great method - the results are very impressive Pat.