Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stair rails

Today I focused on finishing the capes and hoods for my dolls.  All finished but attaching the hoods to the capes.  Then I need to make outfits for the girls and guys.  Then there are the hats, the wands, the staffs, etc.  I could go on and on, but I won't.

I work Thursday so little will be done on sewing.  I am hoping to finish the library inside windows. I painted the trim so it will be ready for tomorrow night.  Friday will come to a halt -- Ellis Island during the day and a dinner party in the evening.  But I'll come up with something to show you.

Now, the stair rails.  I tried balsa of all sizes.  Nada.  So I went back to cardboard strips.  I have them glued and held down with masking tape because they keep popping up.  I don't think they will be noticed much in the building itself.  I will also be trimming the steps to even them up.  The way the pictures are, everything looks a little angled.  I think it was my picture-taking.  The steps are a bit fragile so I won't do any straightening of them until they are attached to the balcony.  I don't want them to come apart.  If that happens, I'll be putting a rope ladder in the library.  (smile)

I have been thinking about the architectural trims for the library.  I like working with clay and I'm going to try making some white things for the building.  I'll show you what I hope they will look like.  That won't be until Saturday, though. 

Nothing is planned for this weekend so I'm hoping to finish a lot of the buildings and get them ready to put things in.  Wish me luck. 

Until then...


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