Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pretty beds in a row

Worked today and I'm very tired tonight.  Amazing how much working gets in the way of my fun time.  LOL

I wanted to decorate these beds, not just paint them.  I have some stickers from scrapbooking that are very, very tiny and thought they would be perfect.  My hubby said that they look like beds for the three bears.  Never thought of that but he's right! 

I cut pieces out of the stickers for the beds.  I think they look really cute and I'm not sure I would feel like painting them the different colors.  I also had the little round stickers that I cut down so they would fit in scale.  I have to cut out mattresses for them from foam.

I also glued the fire call box on to the front of the firehouse but forgot to take a picture.  Since I did that, the firehouse is done except for needing a chair for the call board.  One building down!

Hopefully will make bookshelves for the library tomorrow evening.  It's date night with hubby so I'm not sure if I'll do anything but set things up for the weekend projects. 

I'm looking for things to make items for the magic shop, too.   I have scrying balls and will probably put them together tomorrow or Saturday.  They should be relatively easy.  As will the magic wands.  Out of all the buildings, it is the most labor intensive because it needs "things." 

So it's off to bed for me.  I work again tomorrow.  With all of the days off during the week, this is only the second full week of school.  The body doesn't like it!  The checkbook does, though. 

Until then...


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  1. Very decorative beds indeed! And you can see why, working full time and with school preparation each evening, there wasn't much time for minis in my life until retirement except for holidays - but I am sure making up for it now lol!