Saturday, October 6, 2012

Preparing the Next Building

I realized that the buildings are being done slowly but surely and the one day, they will be finished.  So I've been doing little things each day on each building.  And then, there's the drying time, which is a difficult time for me.  I always want to touch to see if it's dry.  LOL

So here's the 4th building.  The name will be changed to General Store.  And I have no earthly idea what it will look like.  The brown will be changed.  I'm thinking of having the exterior be stucco.  I saw a few old stores with that finish. 

I also would like to decide what to do with the flat roof.  Seems a shame to waste it.  Perhaps a rooftop table and chairs for a little cafe?  

My progress on the firehouse is almost done.  I have to put up the bell (glue required), put in the pipe for the stove (glue required) and put up the cots and trunks (glue required).  So that will be several hours of drying time.

I finished the steps for the library and need to make the railings.  I am thinking of putting hanging lights in, too.  You know the kind that look like votive candles but are battery operated?  I figured if I put some type of shade on them, they could hang from the ceilings.  I'll work on that concept. 

Since I have the 1:48 book, I have a counter planned for the library.  I think it'll be white with "wood" trim.  And, of course, there will be baseboards and crown moldings and trim around the windows inside.  And I am going to do some fancy stuff outside.  And everything needs glue. 

The magic house is looking great.  I painted the roof deep purple and it's almost black.  Looks great.  I bought some fancy paint and need to apply that.  No time today, unfortunately.  And of course, it needs lights, too.  Maybe the same ones as in the library. 

I've been looking at the items for the Xmas villages they have in the store, the Lemax ones.  Many of their items are suitable for this scale. 

Tomorrow I am going to a dollhouse and miniature show in New Hope, PA.  Hope to get some goodies there.  If I find something great, I'll show it to you tomorrow night.

Until then...


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  1. I'm just completely floored by how much work you can get done, (and then find time afterward to write about it)! You are my heroine!

    Great job on all your buildings!