Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm back, we're fine!

Well, NJ was hit very hard.  We live in Toms River and most of the area is devastated.  If you are able to watch any of the photos, they don't even show the complete ruins.  Some areas look like a war zone after an explosion.  But we now have power back, complete with Internet access and cable t.v.  However, telephone service, both landline and cell, is sporadic.  We found out today that Gov. Christie made next Monday the official day for trick-or-treating. 

I'm off all week from work because the schools are closed.  So many in the district in which I sub still have no power and may not have it for another few days.  And the nights are getting colder. 

I did sew some doll clothes this morning.  This afternoon I went out with hubby.  The trees on houses is terrible.  The lines for gas remind me of 1973 when gas was rationed. 

Wanting to work on the last two houses, I decided to just buckle down and do it.

The dragon house now has a green and white checked floor.  I just loved the paper.  Those pillars are crazy and somewhat difficult when measuring but they will work.  I have to paint the walkway and I don't know what I want to do to it.  Any suggestions?


I then turned my efforts to the store.  There is now a second floor and both it and the first floor are papered with purple paper.  I think it looks like tile.  There are a few things left to do on this store yet. 

My goal is to finish the houses so I can concentrate on making things for the inside of them. 

Tomorrow I will do more.  I missed writing this for the past two nights. 

Until then....



  1. Sending you well wishes. It's good you can turn to your creative outlets. :]

  2. We've seen what Sandy did to the north eastern part of the USA on TV and it looks just awful. Glad you're OK and even online! We had 'car-less' Sundays in 1973 and I remember roller skating in the middle of a completely empty highway, a weird experience! It was strangely quiet, even though there were many people about on foot. It's strange how something like the gas lines can bring it all back :)

    Love the purple floors and the green dragon house! You could use the walkway to create a link to the house/store next door by using both colors?

  3. Love the check flooring in the dragon house. More importantly, I'm so pleased that you are safe and your house is undamaged. We here in Australia saw lots of images of the devastation over there but nothing can show the reality of it all. My heart hurts for everyone who was caught in this terrible disaster.