Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Thursday

Today was busy.  Although we had to go out this morning, I accomplished quite a bit, I think.  While my hubby was at the doc for a check-up, I went to Joanns.  Have something quite wonderful for the magic shop but going to keep it secret for a few days!  It'll be worth it, I think.
Bells before and after
So, what did I do today?  I found a bell for the firehouse belfry!  Here's the before in bright gold color and then I aged it.  It fits perfectly and I think it'll work well.  Going to take part of the handle off because it's too long and then I think I'll just glue it in.  Turned out well. 

Quarter scale chests
I also made the little chests for the end of the cots.  Aren't they the cutest?  A dilly to make but I'm sure I'll get better as I do more. 

I managed to cut the balcony floor for the library.  I was a bit nervous in doing so because it has to be even.   First, I finished the steps for the library. I do have to trim the steps. They were little buggers to get set in place. I'm looking for a railing now for the steps and the balcony floor.

Inside of library
I also papered the walls and painted the ceiling white.  There will be baseboards and if I can think of something clever, a few architectural details on the walls.  And the windows will have molding around them.  The door will have a molding, too, and be white.
Porch cement

I was able to make the front porch to look like cement.  I decided the windows will be framed and I'm looking for something nice to put on the top of each window. 

That was my day.  I'm off tomorrow, too, and I might put the firehouse together and call it finished.  I also want to work on the magic shop.  Someday the library might be finished, too!  LOL

Until then....


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