Saturday, October 20, 2012

Books today

Hi.  Didn't feel like I accomplished much today.  We have a mouse in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet.  It stinks under there.  So hubby took up the wood piece and the shelving and made new ones while I cleaned the area with bleach.  We think it's coming in through the little hole around the water pipe so he put steel wool in it to close it up.  This process took awhile.

Then I did some sewing but didn't get as much done as I had hoped.  Everything takes time now because I'm doing the waistbands on the skirts.   I had hoped to get the shirts cut out -- maybe tomorrow.

Had to make bundt cake for our dinner out tonight.  That took awhile, too.  And then it was off to our friend's house at 5.  It is now almost 10 and we just got home.

Two bookcases ready for sides and tops
However, today I started two bookcases for the library.  Instead of fighting to get the books in the finished bookcase, I put the books on the backing and let them dry completely.  Tomorrow I will put on the tops and sides.  I think they are going to be great and they will stand by the staircases in the library.

I hope to get more done tomorrow.  I want to finish the magic shop roof. 

Also found some things for wands.  Still can't find my chopsticks.  Where did they go? 

And the lady of the dollhouse, Rowena, is making a lot of noise about her laundry room not being done.  And her drapes aren't up.  I think that will be part of my blog because I don't need someone yelling because the work isn't done in her house.  LOL

Until then...


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  1. The books look really good. Make sure you do include Rowena on your blog or she'll get so jealous!