Friday, October 26, 2012

Field Trip to Craft Stores

Hi.  Sewed all day today.  After a chili supper, we went to AC Moore and Michael's with coupons in hand and a list.  Of course, they didn't have a lot of what I wanted.

Tomorrow we are going to pick up a friend from the Atlantic City Airport and stop for dinner on the way home.  I plan to sew in the morning since I have so many things cut out.  So here are pix of my goodies. 

After sewing or after we get home in the evening, I will paint the Dragon house that beautiful metallic green, kind of like dragon scales.  This paint is what I'll be using.  It's under $3 and it is beautiful when finished.

And I hope to get the Moonbeams Magic shop (I just named it) fixed with some more things.  I even bought a tiny round stick to make items for the cabinets (potions and things). 

I bought Rowena a sleigh for Christmas.  Hubby said she needed reindeer but I think a horse might work better.  I also saw this cute Santa and reindeer for Rowena's house.

I bought some cauldrons that were on sale in AC Moore for my doll scene.  I will age them and they will look great.

Sunday I plan to put the "wrought iron railing" around the yard at Rowena's house.  And then I'll work on the inside again.

Hope you aren't going to be in the way of the Frankenstorm.  We are and they anticipate many problems.  Last year we were evacuated.  And I took all of my dolls and of course, our personal papers with us and packed wonderfully.  Oh yes, we also took clothes!  I would have mourned my dollhouse but luckily we were able to come home after only a few days.  And we were able to stay at hubby's son's house. 

Until then,


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