Monday, October 22, 2012

Magic Shop update

Good evening.  Today was a busy one.  I worked on the skirts for most of the morning.  They are almost done, thank goodness.  Just when you think all is going fine, something gets wonky.  But it was better by the time I stopped for lunch.

I decided to work on the magic shop for the entire afternoon, although I didn't think it would take me that long.  Wrong.

Finding some great paper, it was too large in its original state.  So I cut and pasted.  I realized after I took the pix for this blog that some of the paper needed to be glued better in several spots.  Just a hint:  if you ever want to check for any abnormalities in your work, take a picture of it and view it closely.  Anything not good will jump out at you.  As this paper did.  But it's no problem with a little bit of glue.

I then put down the special shooting star picture that I liked so much.  And then I had to put a border around the floor.  Not much I can do to the walls since there are so many windows.  I will be adding things to the walls anyway.

So to finish the outside, I chose to paint the one peak with a gold trim.  Looks great. 

Then I painted in gold the shooting star on the front.  There is one more thing for the roof and I hope to do it tomorrow if I don't get a job. 

I will also be working on the dragon rides building and the village store.  I'm really anxious to get these buildings done so I can begin putting the others together.

And I continue to hear complaining from Rowena.  She tells me that her bathroom isn't finished, either.   Nor her landscaping.  All in good time. 

Now, it's off to bed.  Until then...



  1. this is looking breally good, looking forward to seeing more, thanks for the tip

  2. The paper on the floor is really pretty, and the shooting star goes with it perfectly. It will be a shame to cover it up :)