Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Roofing and Second Coat

I didn't work today and worked a few hours on my sewing projects for Halloween.  Actually ran out of Halloween fabrics.  I sense a trip to Joann's within the next day or two. 

I also had a dentist visit but that's something that is better forgotten.  No cavities, though! 

I bought a piece of printed embossed felt and thought it would be great for the firehouse roof.  It was quite challenging to put it in all the nooks and crannies but I think it looks great.  I do have to put more glue on the roof cap.  It doesn't seem to want to lay down properly. 

I am now looking for a bell for the tower.  I could make one and will if I have to.  I'll be putting the cots in there and still have to make the lockers for the end of the beds.

I also repainted the Magic Muse shop.  I decided to paint the roof purple, mostly to tone it down for the roofing.  But I really like it.  So it might stay purple.  I hope to make the counter or counters tomorrow.  They are printies and take time to construct, especially in this size.  We'll see how it goes.

I want to finish the brickwork on the library.  It needs to be more creamy and less pink.  So I have to work on that.  And the stairs are coming along although since only 2-3 can be done at one time, it might be the weekend until they are done.  I will be putting a "railing" on them, too.

So as you see, this project is moving along.  Since there is no school on Friday, I hope to work on my dollhouse.  I'll let you see my progress on that, too.

Until later...


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  1. Your fabric roofing looks really effective, what a great idea!