Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dragon green house

Dragon house with paint I call Dragon Scale Green

It was a great day but the wind is whipping up and I guess the storm is coming in.  We are hoping it doesn't hit hard. 

Today I did a lot of sewing and am almost finished with the capes and outfits for the dolls.  I was only able to sew until lunchtime.

My hubby gave the other houses their first coat of polyurethane.  He's a great painter and I think it's great he's helping me.

I'm gearing up for next Saturday's Philadelphia Miniaturia show, which is held in Cherry Hill, NJ. I've been looking at the web sites of those who will be showing their miniatures and there are a lot of fabulous artisans who will be exhibiting. 

Dragon scale green for roof!

I wanted to paint the dragon house the green I bought last night. I am more than pleased with the result. The green actually looks like dragon scale green. Anyone else think it's beautiful? And it will fit in the village nicely.  I took two pictures, one of the front and one of the roof.  I still have to touch up the white but that won't be difficult.  I don't know how I am going to finish the inside.  I can't find any dragon paper.  Any suggestions?

I am going to paint the general store tomorrow but I think the brown is too humdrum.  Maybe a blue?  So maybe I'll have something to show you on the next blog.

I had thought of Magic Muse for the magic shop but it will definitely be Magic Moonbeams.  It goes with my theme.

I am going to buy the second book of the quarter scale miniatures, the sequel to the one I'm using now.  Last night I bought two huge mat boards and will be making a lot of furniture in the next few months.

If you are in the path of the storm, blessings for safety, my friends.

Until then...



  1. I really love the 'dragonscale green'- the dragon ride building looks lovely with the white trim giving a great contrast to the greens.

  2. love the green, for wallpaper, could you search for dragon pictures, save to your pictures and then put the ones you like together, put in a back ground and print? would that work?

  3. The shades of green look really good on the house and the roof pattern does make it look like scales, nice work!

  4. I normally don't like green, but that does look nice! In Miniature Style II