Monday, October 1, 2012

Magic Muse shop first phase

I worked in 7th grade social studies classes today and had a blast.  I'll be in there tomorrow as well.  It's nice to know where I'll be.

Had to have our HP printer replaced because it broke.  I've never heard of a printer just breaking.  However, I couldn't find the CD to put it back on wireless.  Finally found it.  It was with the CD for the router, which I've been looking for, too.  However, it is frustrating because the printer doesn't want to read my wireless system.  Go figure.  I have to wait for an HP rep to help.  And since the printer was under contract, the replacement cost us nothing.  Except annoyance.

Anyway, because of fooling around with the printer and searching for the lost CDs, I wasn't able to start painting the magic shop until right before dinner.  I stopped at Joann's after school and found a great purple shade.  I tried to get the color correct on the photo but all monitors are different so I'm not sure how the color will show up.  There is still some pink visible but that will be covered.  And the windows are covered so I don't get paint all over them. (smile)

I have some ideas for the top of the roof, which will be black.  I think the trim on the building will be a shiny sparkly black.  Martha Stewart has a few texture paints and I think it'll work wonderfully for the building.  I don't know what will go on the floor and walls.  Still thinking about it.

I am still putting the treads on the library stairs.  Because they are so tiny and fragile, they are not letting me do more than a few at a time.

I found out there is no school on Friday for a teacher's professional day and none Monday for Columbus Day.  Hope I can get some things done and maybe even finish the insides of the firehouse and library. Have sewing projects, too, to finish. 

Until tomorrow...


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  1. Well the shop is certainly purple! You won't be able to miss it lol! I will be interested in the finished effect. One of the advantages of being a casual teacher is that you don't work every day and don't have to go to all the staff development days etc - or do programming on your days off! There was no way I could do much mini-ing when I was still teaching full time because I had to do so much preparation for their individual programmes :( But you get the best of both worlds :)