Sunday, October 14, 2012

Library steps and cabinet pieces

Hello.  Sunday has been busy.  Hubby's thumb is better and he's not working tomorrow.  However, I am working in 7th grade language arts.  Should be a great day!

Stairs and balcony need leveling but at least they are up!
I put in the 2nd floor and the two staircases.  I was able to slide the 2nd floor balcony in between the first and second floor windows.  And when I slid the stairs under the balcony, they fit perfectly.  I was thrilled.  Isn't it just so annoying to try and be so precise and then be off by sixteenths of an inch?

Then I put one of the counters on the balcony so you could get the full effect.  I am still deciding on the railing.  I may need to make a visit to one of the craft stores.

This will be black and gold and purple

I want to make a black and gold and purple cabinet for the magic shop.  The quarter-scale book has the perfect size. 

Pieces of cabinet cut out

So here is the bottom section and the pieces for the top shelves and doors.  I hope to finish it tomorrow after school.  The folded piece is the shelves, the piece on the right are the front doors (pieces will be cut out) and the piece in the back left side is the back of the cabinet top.

Also able to cut out and sew a few more skirts.  I do sewing sometimes in an assembly line style so I sewed the six skirts together and will then do the waists and hems and closures.  Sometimes it's easier to work in that manner. 

It's time to call it a day.  I have a love/hate relationship with work.  I love to go to work as a sub but I love to stay home, too.  I'm sure I am not the only one with that dilemma.

Until then...


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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with retirement: I love being retired and I hate not having the money I had when working lol! But I don't miss working one little bit. You did so well making the stairs and balcony so that they fitted perfectly.