Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm coming and looks bad

Hi.  Doing this blog early in case we lose power or heaven forbid! the Internet!!!  Frankenstorm Sandy is going to hit our Atlantic coast with a vengeance.  Schools closed Monday and Tuesday.  Curfew where everyone is off the road by 11 p.m.  They even were forced to close the casinos in Atlantic City.  Lots of evacuations of those people who live directly on the water.  The moon is full so the tide will be even higher than normal.  One of the problems of higher water is that the sand in the wash comes with the tide water and when the tide goes out, there are many inches of sand in the streets.  Lots of erosion that way.  I hope we don't have to leave.  We live by a creek and last year, we were forced to leave because the creek water went way, way up.   

I spent the afternoon painting the white trim on the houses, especially where I accidentally smudged during painting.  Annoying chore but it had to be done.

Then I put the things I bought on the Moonbeams Magic shop.  They are so cute and it is just what I wanted.  I was going to make the shoes and the hat and the cauldron.  Done!! 

I painted the store two shades of blue.  A midnight blue and then a soft cornflower blue.  I will leave the white trim.  I like color and since this is a fairy village, colors are important.  The picture shows the masking tape so I stay in the lines.  (smile)

I am leaving the roof terra cotta because there will be a brick terrace up there for the outdoor cafe.

I did order the second quarter-scale furniture book today and will show it to you when it comes.  It is coming from England so I don't know how long the post offices will take to get it here to NJ.

Since I have the next few days off, I think I can finish my doll outfits and maybe even finish all of the houses except for the furniture.  Wouldn't that be nice?  I'm very anxious to get into the new box of houses! 

If you are in the area of the storm, safety to you.  I hope to be able to do a blog tomorrow.  If you don't see one, it means we lost Internet service.

Until then...



  1. The decoration on the roof is very effective and I'm a sucker for blue so of course the colour scheme for the shop is really a favourite for me!