Thursday, October 11, 2012

Worked in 7th grade science class today.  There was quite a buzz about the trip to Ellis Island tomorrow.  I cannot wait.  Because I'll be with a group of 5 students, I won't get to do much researching but my hubby promised to take me back soon.  Yay!

So tonight I did the normal touristy thing: erased the saved pix in the camera and charged it, made sure my phone was charged, took my money, small carry purse and aspirin. 

Then I decided that the magic shop roof needed another coat of paint.  I like the darker purple.  Now I plan to look for some gold stars and moons for the sides of the shop.  I have an idea for the top of the roof, too.  I just need time to do it.  LOL

I won't be doing anything else this evening in the line of miniatures.  I took some time for cutting out clothing for the dolls. 

I have decided that the General Store will stay a general store but with a twist.  I'm developing it and will reveal all.

Also decided I didn't like the stair rails so I am redoing them.  I'll try something different. 

Everything will have to wait until Saturday, though.  Hope you can find time to mini, too!

Until then...


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