Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hi.  Worked in a 7th grade science class today.  They were so good and worked like they were supposed to.  Nice day.  However, I'm not used to working 5 days in a row, so I'm beginning to slow down in the brain!  LOL

I decided to make beds tonight.  The next batch of buildings include a few houses.  Beds are needed. 

I took the basic bed and created my own.  I added balsa wood pieces for stability.  I'll paint the wood tomorrow night.  I want to add some fancy things to the bedposts.  And of course, they will need a mattress and linens.  I love the colors of the ones on the left. 

I think for me the most difficult thing is keeping everything to size.  It's why I like this furniture book so much.  I stay within the scale, which is so important.

I decided to make the beds in different styles.  After all, you wouldn't want your neighbor having the same style bed you have! 

I will be trying to dresser, too.  Maybe tomorrow night.  I'll give the green building a second coat.  Maybe I can sew a skirt or two.

And now that's it for the night.  The three beds, while they don't look like much, took an hour to make. 

Off to sleep...until then....


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