Monday, October 8, 2012

Pieces and more pieces

Pieces and pieces and more pieces

Today was a busy day.  I sewed together 7 doll capes.  Going to work on the hoods for the capes tomorrow.  Then there's other things to do!

After lunch, I did some more work on the firehouse.  I put the cots in with their chests at the foot of their bed.  I have to do a few more little things and it's finished.

I did nothing on the library.  It's boring to make trim so I went to furniture-making instead.  I cut out enough cardboard for six counters.  I will be needing them for the stores.  It took awhile to measure and cut them out.  It's time consuming and exacting but my brain loves it.  Go figure.

My first counter
I put together one for you to see.  It even has a shelf!  The front has a thin mylar film for the glass front.  Unfortunately, there's a little glue on the "glass" which made me crazy because it can't be wiped off.  But when the magic shop opens, you'll never see it. 

I wasn't happy with the front of the counter so I added some "wood trim."  I really like it.  It will be really decorated for the magic shop. The seams won't be seen.

The counter for the library will not have a glass front. 

Then there is the bag of cut pieces, shown above, so I can make the other counters. Hopefully without glue stains.   Maybe tomorrow.  I plan to do trim on another wall of windows, too. 

So until then....


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