Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anatomy of a laundry room

Okay.  I'm tired of hearing Rowena whine.  So I spent this afternoon finishing up the laundry room.  She doesn't know I'm going to put up a second ceiling light and still need curtains but what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

The loo under the stairs
Privacy screen
I began with the bathroom, which is located under the staircase.  I saw this in a house decorating site and thought it was a wonderful idea.  I have a privacy screen for the potty and the bath.  I might need a second one, too.  This screen was something I downloaded as a printie, copied it onto a heavier paper (like matte photograph paper), cut it out and just bent it according to directions. 
See the hangers for curtain rods?
Then I put in the washer and dryer.  But I didn't have room for the extra cabinet.  I could have put it next to the w/d but then no one could see into the loo.  So I opted to put it above the w/d.  I might attach it to the wall.

I then put in the wash sink (above), which is an empty washed thoroughly syrup container.  (I save many things.)  I primed it with white gesso and painted it yellow.  I would like a regular sink and cabinets but the ones I want are pricey and so I have to save some $$ first.

On the left side of the room, I put the tall linen cabinet and next to it, the smaller folding table/cabinet combination.  The ironing board is up but conveniently comes down for pressing needs.  It has to stay up because it would block the doorway.

I put up the ceiling light, which is one of those battery lights (above).  I love them. They are supposed to stick to the ceiling with a magnet but they don't work that well and I don't want holes in the ceiling.  So I glue them up and they work perfectly.  I have these battery lights throughout the house.  You'll see the others as we go through the rooms. 

Then I realized the vacuum cleaner had to be put somewhere, so I placed it in the corner.

On everything little, I use a glob of museum wax to hold it in place.  It doesn't hurt the object or the walls/ceilings and I can remove the object when I want to.

I have a few paintings for the walls yet and need to make curtains.  That's the next project.

P.S.  I don't know why Rowena was in a snit about the laundry room being finished.  She has a maid and doesn't do laundry herself.

Until then...


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  1. Very creative solutions to space limitations Pat. And I think Rowena got in a snit because she was jealous of the attention you were giving the other houses instead of hers. Now her house has been featured perhaps she'll be happier :)