Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cook stoves in a row

Hi.  Just found out the school district in which I sub teach is closed until Nov 12.  Whew!  Tough.  Lots of damage, I understand.  On the down side, lack of money is not good.  Upside?  I can really do a lot of sewing and mini work.

So, you ask, what did I do today?  This morning I spent doing sewing slacks for the boys.

This afternoon, I decided to try my hand at quarter-scale cook stoves.  I think they turned out so cute.  I did the knobs in seed beads of gold but then decided some ladies like color so I opted for red.  I am going to make more stoves as the houses get put together but they will be different colors! 

These stoves still need a dry brush of silver paint.  That's tomorrow.  And then I'll decide what else I need. 

Our area is still in rescue mode.  Tomorrow starts cleanup.  It will take a long, long time to clean this mess up.  Seaside Heights will never be the same.  No one knows how long it will take to build another boardwalk and build another pier and erect another Ferris wheel.  And that's just one place of destruction.

In the town next to us, there is a new inlet that is 40 feet deep that wasn't there before the storm.  However, many, many years ago it was also an inlet and it was filled in.  So the water claimed it again.  Amazing.

I am gearing up for the Philadelphia Miniaturia Show in Cherry Hill, NJ on Saturday.  I don't know what I'll buy.   I would love to have some special things for the dollhouse.  And I need to get back to the house.  That will probably be next week.  Wanted to do it this week but got caught up in Superstorm Sandy.

Enjoy your mini time.

Until then....


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  1. Great effort on the stoves! And isn't it amazing - humans think they can make nature do their will but nature has the last say, and reclaims when it wants to.