Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Crazy Day

Getting clothes up
Today was crazy.  I am still completing the craft room but it's getting old fast.  And then, I did the sheets and when I was in the bedroom, I looked at my doll cabinet my hubby made for me and realized that I had some things that needed to be hung up.  So I did. 

And after that I worked on the craft room again and saw the printies folder.  Ever do printies?  I love them.  They really help fill up a space in your dollhouse or mini scene and are so cheap until you can afford the real thing.  So I did a cooler, 3 more books and 2 gift bags.  I made a darling attache case for Rowena, which she carries on her Vespa.  She now wants them in different colors.  (sigh)

Printies - Pastels
Printies - Cooler
Printies Books

Printies Gift Bags

And then there's the cash register.  Isn't this the cutest thing?  Of course, my granddaughter, Kate, wants it in pink for her boutique.  I think I can do that and I'll post it if it works.

So after I did printies, I started in the dining room again, cleaning up the floor where there were boxes of fabrics.  Did I tell you I hoard fabrics?  And patterns?  But I digress.  While I was on the floor, I noticed that my fabric stash wasn't in good shape so I fixed a drawer.

Vacuumed the dining room floor (after using the magnet to pick up the stray pins) and also in the craft room. 

Hubby has been working feverishly to make hangers for the doll clothes.  I took a picture of the ones he made.  These are two different sizes.  Then he bought even thinner wire to make hangers for the smaller dolls.

Tonight was our date night so we ate out, went to Home Depot and then shopped at Kohl's.  While we were at dinner, I told him about my plans for the 1:48 houses for my fairy village and that he needs to help me make shelves for them  And also told him about the produce caravan truck he needs to cut out for me.  I will be sharing everything on this blog.

So, how has your day been?  Enjoy whatever you do.  Thanks for following me and tell your friends.



  1. Very busy and productive at your place Pat! Tell hubby he's not the only one who helps out in mini world...Hugs xx

  2. Your ideas sound very exciting for the new projects, it's so great you hubby joins in and helps you so much! Sounds like you make a wonderful team xxx

  3. Love the fact that you and your hubby have date nights Pat, it is one of those special things. Peter helps me too when I need it but he isn't as involved as your hubby seems to be. You had a busy and productive day!