Monday, September 17, 2012

Well, it took me most of the afternoon, but the fieldstone is done.  I was really excited when hubby said it resembled the buildings in this little old town in North Jersey.  Nice.

Doors will be wood
It wasn't difficult to put up the stones.  The difficulty was carrying them in from the field.  LOL  However, they were extremely messy.  I did use gloves but the glue and the cardboard and the chalk dust all blended together and ugh! what a mess. 

But it did turn out great.  I had to stop fiddling with it and set it aside to dry thoroughly.  I get impatient when I want a job finished.  I plan on doing the grouting tomorrow.  Depending on what I decide to use for the grout.  There are a number of options.

I am working on the potbelly stove and have something that resembles a stove.  It needs to be baked and I have to add the door and all of the other things.  It also needs legs and piping.  But I think it is going to be great when finished.

So, with the stone done this far, what does everyone think? I think a few of the buildings will be sided with bricks but I have to get my head around cutting bricks because they are so straight. We'll see after the firehouse is done.

Also making Halloween outfits for my group of dolls. I'll take a group photo when they are all dressed and ready for the season.

Until tomorrow...



  1. Oh this is looking so good Pat. I can't believe how fast you work, lol. I'm still only in the "dreaming" stage of my house.

  2. Hi Pat,

    Looks awesome, so far! You sure work fast. Be careful the grout is not too white or it may read too harsh :)


  3. The stone work is great, I hate waiting to for things to dry

  4. Well done Pat - lovely effect indeed.