Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things of Interest

Good day!  Well, the school day went well.  A few meetings and some changes.  Looks as if the school year will be a good one!  Tomorrow the students come in and there's always a bit of chaos on the first day in a new school.  It's fun to see their faces as they notice their desks have their names on them.  Looking forward to it myself.

I'm going to be working inside the dollhouse Saturday.  I'll take pix of my progress.  One room that needs to be finished is the laundry room.  The room also has a section for the 2nd bathroom.  I needed a wash basin and cabinet but nothing in the online catalogs thrilled me.  So I made my own.  I took a plastic container (yes, yes, yes, they were from cookies -- but my hubby's, not mine!) and coated it with white gesso.  Then I painted it lemon yellow.  I had a broken cabinet and fixed it for the counter and cabinet next to the sink.  Then I bought inexpensive faucets and glued them on.  I think they came out so great.  I have pictures, of course.

Then I pulled out the printie trunk I made for Rowena.  I love trunks. I put this together about 2 weeks ago and I plan to put jewelry findings on the clasps.  It's really sturdy for being cardstock and it was so easy to put together.  Take a look -- what do you think?

I wanted some rugs for Rowena's house but the prices are very expensive.  So on my last visit to the fabric store, I took some samples of designer fabrics (usually about 2x2 inches).  I fringed the edges and had rugs.  One is a throw rug for the library.  The runner is actually double-sided and it goes in the master bedroom. A winter runner and a summer runner.

Before I close, I want you to take the time to look at this blog.  The artist here is just so great, I'm unable to describe her creation.  Make sure that you have the time to look at it carefully. The challenge is usually to take a building and create a scene.  It's awesome.  She said she didn't mind that I share it with you!  Enjoy this.

http://www.otterine .com/blog/ blog1.php



  1. Hi Pat (waving ) .your blog looks fun, have a great time with it. Miniland is sooooo much better with it !
    Do post the blog addy in your sig when posting to a group, pleeze ? It is always easier to click when one sees a link again :-) . Yes I know, me lazy bones....


  2. I have tried the trunk printie and yours is so much better than mine, I love your design! You seem to have a wonderful talent for minis, those rugs are beautiful. You have inspired me to get out my upholstery fabric samples and try my hand at rugs. Thanks for the informative blog, your teaching skills shine through! Best Neen (www.universe-in-miniature.blogspot.com)