Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ready for thatching and on to the Library

Worked today in a special education class.  Had such a good time.  Tomorrow I'll be teaching the computer class in a middle school.  Substituting is interesting but stressful sometimes.  I need to work with minis to calm me down.  That and a nap, of course.  LOL

Browned roof ready for thatching
I decided to give the roof a coat of brown before I thatch it.  I wasn't sure about what color I want the thatch to be but looking at the brown, I think it's a great color. 

I also put trim on the opening to finish the edges.  The ladder hubby made is coming along.  Needs to be painted and then attached to the 2nd floor. 

I hope to work on the doors tomorrow night and hope to finish the stove.  We are going to the Greek Festival in the next town and on our way home will stop at AC Moore and Michaels.  I'm hoping to find a thatching product.

I am definitely going to start working on the library this weekend so stay tuned.  There is a lot of work to be done on it.



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  1. After 20+ years of teaching special education classes I agree - it is exhausting! In the end I was getting burnt out. Fortunately the Spec Ed Unit was in a mainstream school so for the last couple of years I was relieved in the afternoons and taught mainstream classes for the last hour - such a breeze in comparison! :)