Friday, September 28, 2012

Stairs and steps

Good evening.  Worked in 7th grade again today and had friends over for dinner tonight.  I didn't get much done on either the 1:12 or 1:48 houses.  However, I do think I managed to tame the stairs problem.

When I substitute in this one area, there's a math teacher, Phil, who loves solving puzzles.  I was busy during down time drawing plans for 1:48 furniture and he came in the classroom.  I presented him with the problem.  He began to do some figuring on the board, showing me how he would compute the 1:48.  Of course, not being a math person, I just listen and follow.

So with his advice, I came home and began working on the stairs.  I am drawing each step and riser to see what works best.  I don't want the stairs to come out too far but I want them to be nice.  I will try to finish them tomorrow, along with the grout in the library. 

I have quite a few projects to do tomorrow, as well, so I better get to bed.  I stayed up last night too late watching Project Runway!

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  1. You are fortunate to have had his advice - I have struggled with just this situation myself for my Petite Properties houses. I'd actually love to be able to do a nice curved staircase in 1:48th scale but even a 'dog-leg' one would be great!